Conan: Rise of Monsters allows you to pit Thoth-Amon’s Legion of Set against Conan’s Circle of Iron. Pre-painted miniatures with the absolute best paint level available can be used right out of the box. Fast play rules and custom dice for each faction get you to the action quick. Everything you need for your savage warriors is right on their unit card. Some units also have Special Abilities built in to their rules or triggered whenever they roll a “sigil” on the custom dice.

The Hand of Fate

Warriors’ steel and knowledge of the dark arts aren’t always enough to win the day. Commanders also have access to Destiny tokens each round that allow them another chance to woo Fate’s fickle attention.

King Conan and Thoth are no strangers to the clash of steel. Each side has customized Fate Cards they may use to further their strategy on the battlefield.

Conan: Rise of Monsters draws on Robert E Howard’s original Conan stories as well as the Marvel and Dark Horse Comics adaptations to tell a brand new story at the zenith of King Conan’s reign.

Starter Set Graphics


Game Components

Recent News and Updates

For the last year, Conan: Rise of Monsters has undergone thorough playtesting and development. The team has reworked and improved miniatures, added and adjusted rules,...

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For the past several weeks, we have been previewing mechanics on the Ulisses Spiele blog page. (Ulisses is our publishing and distribution partner.) So far, we...

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Pulposaurus + Reaper Miniatures
Pulposaurus is very excited to announce a tentative agreement with our friends at Reaper Miniatures to join us on Conan: Rise of Monsters! Here’s what...

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