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Roy Thomas to Write Introduction to Conan: Rise of Monsters

We grew up reading Robert E. Howard’s original tales of Conan, and were thrilled when Marvel Comics published The Savage Sword of Conan. The main force behind those amazing translations was the prolific Roy Thomas, a creative force at Marvel and […]


Shutting Down

Conan: Rise of Monsters didn’t work out in a way that made sense to continue investing for us. We offered a product that didn’t seem to fit well with today’s miniatures gamer, and perhaps couldn’t reach the target audience looking […]


C:ROM Kickstarter Funds! Plus…FunCom!

The Conan: Rise of Monsters Kickstarter has launched…and funded! The first backer update celebrates our quick funding, and also tells backers about a great cross promotion that FunCom is offering for their free-to play MMORPG Age of Conan! Check out the update […]


Live Stream and Demos Today at Games U in Gilbert, AZ!

Designers Shane Hensley, Ross Watson, Darrell Hayhurst, Mack Martin, and other friends of Pulposaurus from Pinnacle and Ulisses will be running demos of Conan: Rise of Monsters, today, Saturday, May 6th, at Games U, in Gilbert, AZ! Check out the […]


Unboxing Production Models

Check Out These Production Models! We just received some revised production models showing off the fantastic paint work by our manufacturing partners. Watch as Shane Hensley unboxes a few of these outstanding models!   Check out the video here!


Relaunch Announced, Mack Martin Joins the Team

Relaunch Announced! Pulposaurus is thrilled to announce Conan®: Rise of Monsters will relaunch on Kickstarter June 13, 2017! A completely new version of the Kickstarter, improved by the comments and suggestions of the previous backers, will go live on June […]


Conan: Rise of Monsters Update

For the last year, Conan: Rise of Monsters has undergone thorough playtesting and development. The team has reworked and improved miniatures, added and adjusted rules, and – most excitingly – worked with Reaper to develop gorgeous new terrain pieces that […]