The Miniatures

Pre-painted and Ready to Play!

We know people have a lot of miniatures games to play these days, and we know a lot of people lead incredibly busy lives and don’t have time to paint their own minis (not to mention cutting pieces off sprues, assembling, gluing, and basing their figures).

So for this project, we wanted something people could play right out of the box. The rules are simple but with complex strategy, and the minis are already assembled and painted and ready for blood and thunder!

We’re shooting for top level paint jobs we think will exceed most gamers’ expectations of prepainted minis. Veteran painters who want even more can add highlights, washes, or extra details if they want to make every individual miniature shine.

We think this is a win for everyone–those who want to jump in and play AND those who want to detail their own unstoppable hordes.