Shutting Down


Shutting Down

Conan: Rise of Monsters didn’t work out in a way that made sense to continue investing for us. We offered a product that didn’t seem to fit well with today’s miniatures gamer, and perhaps couldn’t reach the target audience looking for high-quality prepainted minis.

We’ve officially closed the Kickstarter and won’t be proceeding with the game. You can read the final update here.

Thanks for all your enthusiasm and support. It means the world to those of us behind the dice.

Fortunately for Conan and Robert E. Howard fans, there are a number of fantastic and incredibly successful Conan games to enjoy. We highly encourage you to wander Hyboria with our favorite barbarian once again with Modiphius’ roleplaying game, FunCom’s electronic games, or Monolith’s board game.

Farewell, O Prince!