The Miniatures

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Pre-painted and Ready to Play!

We know people have a lot of miniatures games to play these days, and we know a lot of people lead incredibly busy lives and don’t have time to paint their own minis (not to mention cutting pieces off sprues, assembling, gluing, and basing their figures).

So for this project, we wanted something people could play right out of the box. The rules are simple but with complex strategy, and the minis are already assembled and painted and ready for blood and thunder!

We’re shooting for top level paint jobs we think will exceed most gamers’ expectations of prepainted minis. Veteran painters who want even more can add highlights, washes, or extra details if they want to make every individual miniature shine.

We think this is a win for everyone–those who want to jump in and play AND those who want to detail their own unstoppable hordes.

King Conan’s Circle of Iron

Thoth-Amon’s Legion of Set


And here are some of the units next to terrain pieces:


Terrain Previews

Note that while the miniatures are prepainted, Reaper’s terrain comes UNPAINTED. It’s made locally here in the US of top-quality resin. In the game, each of these terrain pieces have specific rules and game effects that occur when units enter or interact with them.

The Statue of Set

Stygian units near the statue are “Inspired,” adding dice to their attacks and defense. But if Conan’s Circle of Iron can destroy it (using a Large creature, such as an Oliphant), he gains Victory Points and increases his Destiny pool for the remainder of the game!


The Oasis

Is it the Oasis of Life, fought for in the harsh deserts where water is more precious than gold? Or is it the Oasis of Death, hiding strange creatures lurking just beneath the placid surface? It all depends on the scenario…or a roll of the Sigil dice!


The Ruined Temple

Was this one of Mitra’s temples, defiled by Thoth-Amon as he paves the way for Father Set? Or perhaps some older, forgotten god of the Stygian wastes? And why does it cry out for blood when warriors take cover in its crumbling remains?


Mitra’s Writ

This broken stone is a monument created by his acolytes to share the god’s wisdom with Hyboria. This is what Mitra said when he appeared to Yasmela in Howard’s story, “Black Colossus”:

“Speak not, my daughter, for I know your need,” came the intonations like deep musical waves beating rhythmically along a golden beach. “In one manner may you save your kingdom, and saving it, save all the world from the fangs of the serpent which has crawled up out of the darkness of the ages. Go forth upon the streets alone, and place your kingdom in the hands of the first man you meet there.”


The Tree of Woe

Here you can also see the game card for this terrain piece so you can read the description and game effects.


The Barrow Mound

The ancient tomb blocks movement and line of sight, and heroes who descend into its haunted bowels might discover great boons for their side – or the ragged claws of some groaning horror!


The Elephant Tower

Here you can also see the game card for this terrain piece so you can read the description and game effects.